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Farmer Pete heard the monsters approaching and tried to quickly get his animals to shelter. Sweetie the pig had a surprising encounter with  Monster Charlotte, but happily was returned to the byre safely. 
Farmer Pete, Lonnie and Sweetie were all handcarved of wood. The 5 inch tall byre is made of salvaged wood.  Sometimes, when Farmer Pete is too exhausted to walk to his house in the distance, he sleeps on top of the  byre. Nobody seems to mind.
In a little village near the sea lived a very old, grumpy dollmaker and her little pig. She loved making dolls all winter, when it was quiet and beautiful and gloomy and dark and absolutely no one bothered her. So, when Spring and Light and Life began again, she decided that she needed to create some Monsters to scare all of these horrible things away. She made some small monsters in her workshop, muttered an old spell. And then the Big Monsters came.

Farmer Pete, his cow Lonnie and pig Sweetie

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