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about the artist

Jana Seven is a self-taught maker of rough little things, living in New England.

Her work pulls from nature, dreams, and folk tales. Her obsessive fascination with the past, and the beauty and importance of death and decay pervades her thoughts and haunts her work. Jana’s art can be found in private collections throughout the world.

about the dolls

"At first my dolls were very rough little sculptures made from twigs and string and wire and rope. Every time a character took form and existed in the physical  world, another would takes it's place and demand to be seen and held. 


Slowly, slowly the rudimentary little heaps became characters with faces and limbs. Ragged little beings who'd been forgotten and neglected in the way-up-high attic of my brain.


Whose eyes beg to be listened to.  


They clutch their rags.

They whisper their story."


You can read  about jana's creative process

on her Susbtack  (and sign up for her newsletter)

You can sit in on a discussion between Byrne Power and jana here. They discuss the definitions of Creepy, Doll, Puppet and lots of other cool things.

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