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We are presenting for the first time, some Post-Mortem Cabinet Cards. These are photographs, by John Damn Seven, of some of the dolls in my Little Northrop collection.
These 5x7, double-sided prints on 130 lb. Classic Felt archival paper are based on Victorian Cabinet cards that focus the terrible fate of the citizens of Little Northrop one dark year. 
Cabinet cards featured portraits mounted onto thicker paper for display purposes and became hugely popular in the 1880s until the Kodak Brownie camera appeared in 1900 to democratize photo-taking. Post-mortem portraits became fixtures on Cabinet cards as bereaved families hired photographers to memorialize their loved ones with one last photograph, sometimes with the body alone in a coffin, sometimes with family members posing with the deceased. 
Post-mortem cabinet cards are considered to be the largest genre of cabinet cards, sometimes used in conjunction with funerals or memorials, and post-mortem photography had a long life before and after these cards were embraced by Victorian society.
As Rag and Bone Dolls often presents deceased figures as part of its creations, we desired to honor the dead that are wrought from our minds and hands with this set of post-mortem cabinet cards that also pays tribute to the original versions from more than a century ago. We are offering these wrapped in red ribbon, and placed in a Rag & Bone box. We will be adding more Cabinet Cards to this selection through the year.

Boxed Set of 6 Rag & Bone Doll Cabinet Cards

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