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This collection of six 5x7 postcards features portraits of dolls from the Rag and Bone shop, created by Jana Christy and photographed by John Seven.
This item is NOT handmade. All cards are professionally printed on 14 pt paper with a matte finish.
These postcards are perfect for a variety of uses, such as casual or framed display, mailing to your favorite pen pal in some far-flung location, including with a gift to your loved one, etching visual impressions of your favorite haunt, placing under your pillow to cherish and dream fondly of, put in a musty lockbox with other trinkets and delights meant for your future heirs, or hide behind the brick wall that you are building in your basement.
What is a creature but a thing we don't recognize, don't understand, cannot place within our own experience, and do not wish to consider alongside ourselves? These definitions are only for the most shut off of minds! We should strive to unleash the creature within ourselves! We should all be creatures of our own embrace! Creatures come in multiple styles and temperaments, pick one that suits you, and wait patiently for the transformation to begin. Oh, look, your ears are starting to look like potatoes and there are hairs growing on your lips!

Creatures Postcard Pack

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